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Welcome to the home of the Flinduino!

The Flinduino is designed to be a versatile micro-controller development platform. The heart of the system is a programmable IC from Microchip; the PIC32MX250F128D is a 32bit microcontroller. A microcontroller can be considered a miniature single chip computer. The PIC32MX250F128D has 32,768 bytes of ram and 128 kbytes of program memory and runs at 40MHz.

Key Features:

Arduino/Chipkit Library Compatibility

Arduino Uno Form Factor

Microchip® PIC32MX250F128D microcontroller

      • 40 MHz 32-bit MIPS
      • 32 bit wide instruction
      • Little endian
      • 128K Flash
      • 32K SRAM

24 Digital IO

13 Analog Inputs

5-12 Volt recommended operating voltage

Three user LEDs

User push button

Programmed over USB


Information about the core Flinduino board


Information about the various supported Flinduino Shields


All available downloads


Drivers for the Flinduino.


UECIDE Plugins

If UECIDE cannot see the plugin repository you can extract this zip file to your u drive.

It will allow you to program the Flinduino, and an Arduino UNO

U:\Documents\UECIDE\uecide should then have the following folders:

boards, cache, compilers, cores and plugins

 flinduino json file 



Flinduino Prototype

Information related to the prototype Flinduino board


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